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Our Sixth Annual Food Drive - Join us and help feed our community!

Advance Dental's SIXTH Annual Food Drive
Monday October 14th through Saturday December 14th
We would like to take this time to give thanks for what we have and consider what we can share with our community.
For the past five years, our office has partnered with the Food Bank of Northern Indiana. If you’ve participated in previous years, you know that we've had FIVE wonderful years of donations, both through food and monetary gifts, from our patients and staff.

We challenge ALL our patients to participate this year and help feed our community members who are in need.
Here is what we've been able to donate together over the years and our goal for 2019.

·  2014: 146 pounds of food donated
·  2015: 233 pounds of food donated
·  2016: 409 pounds of food donated (including monetary donations)
·  2017: 556 pounds of food donated (including monetary donations)
·  2018: 1200 pounds of food donated (including monetary donations) *We doubled our goal in 2018*
·2019: 750 pounds is our goal this …