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The Dangers of Soda

The Dangers of Soda Over the last few years, the consumption of soda by kids, teens, and young adults has increased dramatically. These days it seems like everybody prefers to drink things that are sugary and acidic. What is important to realize is that these drinks offer no benefits to oral health (or health in general). According to reports the average person drinks around 16 ounces of soda a day which equates to 53 gallons of soda a year. Consuming 53 gallons of liquids filled with acids and sugar will repeatedly expose teeth to sugar, fueling decay.

Harmfulness of Soda on your Teeth
Soda harms teeth by directly exposing them to acid and by feeding acid-producing bacteria. Erosion occurs when acid breaks down tooth enamel, leaving the sensitive dentin layer with less protection. This makes teeth more sensitive to hot and cold, resulting in frequent toothaches. The sugars in soda also allow bacteria to multiply and produce acid as their waste product. This acid gets trapped in plaque…