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February Dental Health Tips from Advance Dental

February 2018 Dental Health Tips from
Dr. Stangebye at Advance DentalCommon Mistakes in Oral Care Routines Brushing and flossing every day is the best way to maintain your oral health and protect your teeth against decay, and if you complete both of these steps at least twice a day, then you’re doing great! However, even people who practice proper oral care regimens don’t realize the simple mistakes they’re making that can counteract their effort to achieve a healthy mouth. Read about the most common mistakes people tend to make in their oral care routines and the easy fixes that can correct them.

When brushing The most common mistakes people make when brushing are simply not brushing long enough and brushing too hard. Many people think that if they’ve touched every tooth that brushing is over, but brushing for a full two minutes is the best way to get all of the teeth thoroughly cleaned each time. Setting a timer or playing a two-minute song in your head or on your phone while you bru…

Seal the Deal, Sealant Day Special 2018

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