Some of our Staff's Favorite Holiday Recipes!

We wanted to share a few of our staff's favorite Holiday recipes.We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!
Melissa makes this special treat each year!

....and this one too!

This is one of Sara's favorites!

Angela's family loves this cranberry sauce recipe!

Sue saves this one especially for Thanksgiving!

Megan makes this one every Christmas with her kids!

December is National Safe Toys and Gifts Month

National Safe Toys and Gifts Month
December is National Safe Toys and Gifts Month. During their first winter, many children will receive teething toys and children with special needs may continue to enjoy them as their second set of teeth come in. There are many safe options available, but parents and other gift-givers may not be aware of how to use them and keep them clean.

The Teething Process
Babies’ first teeth usually start coming in when they are about six months old. Dentists recommend that biannual checkups begin at this point. For the most part, the front bottom teeth come in first, followed by the front upper teeth, with the last of the twenty baby teeth erupting by the time the child is three. Particularly during the early months, children’s gums will be sore and they will seek relief by biting down on whatever objects are available.

Besides cleanliness and choking hazards, the other issues with toy selection are chemical composition and intended use. Children oft…

Dry Mouth and Dental Health

Dry Mouth and Dental Health
What can cause dry mouth? Dry mouth, also called xerostomia, is lack of saliva that causes a dry, sticky feeling in the mouth and throat. Some people only experience this feeling with a nervous gulp once in a while, but a chronic dry mouth is detrimental to your health in a number of ways. The chronic dry mouth can be a result of several things. Dry mouth is a side effect of many prescription medications and is experienced by patients undergoing chemotherapy. Sjogren’s syndrome is an autoimmune disorder that affects the salivary glands, and smoking also contributes to dry mouth. If someone begins to experience dry mouth, it is important to address the issue to keep your mouth and your whole body healthy.
Why is dry mouth bad for my health? Feeling dryness in your mouth may seem very minor in terms of a medical issue, but saliva works harder for your body than you realize. Saliva is essential for digestion because it provides lubrication for chewing and swallowi…

How Apples are GOOD for your Teeth!

People have been asserting that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” since the 19th century. While it may not necessarily be true that those who eat apples never have to see a doctor, apples certainly have great health benefits for our bodies! Did you know they can even be good for our teeth? Let’s take a look at what the research says … 
It’s widely thought that chewing a crisp, fresh apple can help brush away plaque on our teeth. We’re not too sure on this one, as some studies show a higher plaque content on teeth after eating an apple. At the same time, there is evidence to suggest some polyphenols in apples can lower the ability of cavity-causing bacteria to adhere to teeth. Further, some studies have shown that the antioxidants in apples can help prevent periodontal disease. 
Apples even contain a (very) small amount of fluoride. This is worth noting, as fluoride is so important in helping prevent cavities. 
Lastly, the act of chewing an apple stimulates saliva production. Saliva …

Our 5th Annual Food Drive Begins on Monday October 29th!

Advance Dental's 5th Annual Food Drive
Begins on Monday October 29th!

Can you believe the Holiday Season is just around the corner? We would like to take this time to give thanks for what we have and consider what we can share with our community. For the past four years, our office has partnered with the Food Bank of Northern Indiana. If you’ve participated in previous years, you know that we've had FOUR wonderful years of donations, both food and monetary, from our patients and staff.

We challenge ALL our patients to participate this year and help us feed our community members who are in need.
Here is what we've been able to donate together and what our goal for this year is:
·  2014: 146 pounds of food donated ·  2015: 233 pounds of food donated ·  2016: 409 pounds of food donated (including monetary donations) ·  2017: 556 pounds of food donated (including monetary donations) ·2018: Our goal is 600 pounds!
Here is how it works: 
We will have a donation barrel right inside our f…

Periodontal Disease... what is it?

Progression of Gum Disease
One of the biggest advancements in dentistry in recent years is our improved understanding of gum disease. Gum recession was once considered to be a normal part of the aging process. But dentists now regard it as treatable and have identified a number of diseases with which it shares high rates of comorbidity. While exciting investigations into causative relationships between gum disease treatments and other diseases are ongoing, it is important for patients to be up-to-date on what is already known about prevention.

Low-Level Gum Inflammation
Gingivitis is the early form of gum disease. It is so common that when many people notice symptoms, such as seeing blood when they spit their toothpaste, they do not realize there is anything wrong. Inflamed gums will look swollen and discolored, but gingivitis is usually not evident until it has already progressed relatively far. It may also cause bad breath.

There are many things that could cause gingivitis, including…

Open Enrollment is Just Ahead!

Fall is open enrollment for many employers. Now is the time to enroll or review your current dental insurance company, plan and benefits.

As you are evaluating your dental plan, please keep in mind that we are In-Network with Delta Dental Premier, Lakeland ASR and Dental Health Options by Health Resources.

Some of our patients have dental insurance that is Out-of-Network. We do work with and file for them daily. There are some Out-of-Network insurances that still have good coverage in our office. Although, if you can switch to one of the above In-Network dental insurances, you will have a greater savings in our office.

For those patients who are unable to obtain dental insurance, we do offer an in-office dental savings plan. Details can be found simply by clicking the link below.

Dental Savings Club

We understand that insurance, in general, can be confusing and overwhelming. Any of our administrative staff would be more than happy to assist you with your dental insurance questions.