Our Sixth Annual Food Drive - Join us and help feed our community!

Advance Dental's SIXTH Annual Food Drive
Monday October 14th through Saturday December 14th
We would like to take this time to give thanks for what we have and consider what we can share with our community.
For the past five years, our office has partnered with the Food Bank of Northern Indiana. If you’ve participated in previous years, you know that we've had FIVE wonderful years of donations, both through food and monetary gifts, from our patients and staff.

We challenge ALL our patients to participate this year and help feed our community members who are in need.
Here is what we've been able to donate together over the years and our goal for 2019.

·  2014: 146 pounds of food donated
·  2015: 233 pounds of food donated
·  2016: 409 pounds of food donated (including monetary donations)
·  2017: 556 pounds of food donated (including monetary donations)
·  2018: 1200 pounds of food donated (including monetary donations) *We doubled our goal in 2018*
·2019: 750 pounds is our goal this …


This Friday, September 13th, our staff will be participating in our Annual OSHA & HIPAA training. Our office hours will be modified on this day. We will be available back in the office from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. As always, if there is a true dental emergency please call the office to be directed to our emergency telephone number.

Next week, from Monday, September 16th to the 20th, Dr. Stangebye will be out of the office. Rest assured our office staff will be available to answer any questions you may have or schedule any appointment you may need!

Just a few friendly reminders:
The end of the year is rapidly approaching, if you are due for your dental check-up and cleaning and/ or are in need of dental treatment, please call the office today to schedule. If you have dental insurance, this year's benefits may expire on December 31st!If you haven't "LIKED" our Facebook page yet, please do so and join in on the fun! You can look forward to exciting and educational informat…

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Get the CareCredit credit card that helps fit care into your budget, and a special offer that supports a healthy smile.Between now and July 31, 2019, get a free Philips Sonicare Essence+ electric toothbrush when you complete these steps (in any order)For new CareCredit cardholders.1.Open a new CareCredit credit card account.*2.Use your new card to make a single or multiple purchases totaling $200 or more.3.Register your purchase by July 31, 2019.• Online at with code SMILE• By mail to: Offer # SMILE P.O. Box 540003 El Paso, TX 88554-0003Call 574-271-9910 and schedule an appointment today!
Ask for details or call (866) 893-7364. Valid 5/1 through 7/31/19.

Closed for Memorial Day Weekend 2019

Hey all!

                    Here's a quick note to let you know Dr. Stangebye                          and staff will be out of the office to celebrate the                            holiday weekend. Our office will be closed on                             Friday May 24th through Monday May 27th.

                    If you don't currently have an appointment                                    scheduled, but need to see the doctor before the                            weekend, please call us immediately to get on the                          schedule. Otherwise, Dr. Stangebye will be happy to                      see your smile when he is back next Tuesday May                          28th!

                    Thanks for your understanding!

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April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month

In the United States alone every hour of every day someone loses their life to oral or oropharyngeal cancer. It is the cancer of the mouth and upper throat. Only forty percent of patients diagnosed will live longer than five years. Patients often end up suffering from facial disfigurement or trouble talking and eating. Its fatality is directly linked to its late-stage diagnosis. Dentists are often the first to identify oral cancer symptoms in patients, which is why offering oral cancer screenings is crucial. Early detection and prevention are key.

Symptoms of Oral Cancer
Dentists should provide their patients with information on the symptoms and indicators of oral cancer. If a patient has an abnormality in their mouth that does not improve or disappear after two to three weeks, they need to see a dental professional immediately. Urge your patients to perform self-checks and be vigilant of symptoms, such as:
Sores or ulcers that do not heal with four…

Multiple Sclerosis and Oral Health

Multiple Sclerosis and Oral Health Multiple sclerosis, or MS, is a lifelong disease that affects your brain, spinal cord, and the optic nerves in your eyes. It causes problems with muscle control, balance, and vision, along with other every day body functions. Motor function and coordination are heavily affected, with muscle weakness and spasticity making everyday tasks like holding a toothbrush near impossible. Problems with coordination and fatigue also make it difficult to keep up with proper dental care. All of these complications result in MS patients being at a higher risk for dental diseases. The disease itself affects the teeth and gums on a biochemical level, along with the medications used for treatment.

The Relationship Between Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Oral Health
There is a cause and effect relationship between MS and dental health. One of the main characteristics and symptoms of MS is heightened levels of inflammation. This happens as a result of the immune system deter…

The Dangers of Soda

The Dangers of Soda Over the last few years, the consumption of soda by kids, teens, and young adults has increased dramatically. These days it seems like everybody prefers to drink things that are sugary and acidic. What is important to realize is that these drinks offer no benefits to oral health (or health in general). According to reports the average person drinks around 16 ounces of soda a day which equates to 53 gallons of soda a year. Consuming 53 gallons of liquids filled with acids and sugar will repeatedly expose teeth to sugar, fueling decay.

Harmfulness of Soda on your Teeth
Soda harms teeth by directly exposing them to acid and by feeding acid-producing bacteria. Erosion occurs when acid breaks down tooth enamel, leaving the sensitive dentin layer with less protection. This makes teeth more sensitive to hot and cold, resulting in frequent toothaches. The sugars in soda also allow bacteria to multiply and produce acid as their waste product. This acid gets trapped in plaque…