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Reasons of Extractions

March 2018 Advance Dental NewsletterReasons for Extractions Dentists have made great strides in saving teeth, but there are still times when extractions are necessary. These situations often arise when there is not enough room in the mouth for an entire adult set of thirty-two teeth, when a tooth has been badly cracked down its root, or when the gum tissue surrounding a tooth is severely infected and the tooth has become too loose to function safely. Dentists also sometimes recommend that people with compromised immune systems who get dental infections undergo extractions instead of root canals. Circumstances such as whether a tooth is impacted, meaning caught below the gum line, will determine exactly how a dentist plans the procedure, but there are some commonalities which patients should understand.

Preparation There is more than one major nerve in the mouth which may need to be numbed prior to extraction. The lingual nerve is connected to the tongue while the inferior alveolar nerv…