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Open Enrollment is Just Ahead!

Fall is open enrollment for many employers. Now is the time to enroll or review your current dental insurance company, plan and benefits.

As you are evaluating your dental plan, please keep in mind that we are In-Network with Delta Dental Premier, Lakeland ASR and Dental Health Options by Health Resources.

Some of our patients have dental insurance that is Out-of-Network. We do work with and file for them daily. There are some Out-of-Network insurances that still have good coverage in our office. Although, if you can switch to one of the above In-Network dental insurances, you will have a greater savings in our office.

For those patients who are unable to obtain dental insurance, we do offer an in-office dental savings plan. Details can be found simply by clicking the link below.

Dental Savings Club

We understand that insurance, in general, can be confusing and overwhelming. Any of our administrative staff would be more than happy to assist you with your dental insurance questions.


The best compliment you can give is a referral...

At Advance Dental, we are blessed to have a family of patients who trust us and value the dedication, personalized care and attentiveness that we've given to people in the community over the years. Did you know that most of our new patients come from referrals by people like yourself? Chances are that you're one of them.
We wanted to take this opportunity and ask you to help us spread the word. If you have friends or relatives who could benefit from our services, can you please give us a referral? It will mean the world to us, and will make you their hero for years to come! :)

Don't leave your dental benefits hanging....

As the end of the year rapidly approaches, we wanted to remind you to take advantage of any unused dental benefits you may have. Each year you receive a maximum amount from your dental insurance company, and in most cases the unused portion of this amount is lost when the new insurance year starts.

These are benefits you have already paid for!

Your dental care is important to us, and we want to make sure you get the care you need without overpaying for it. If you have been postponing dental treatment or are overdue for a routine exam and cleaning, now is a great time to come in.

Please call us at 574-271-9910 or request an appointment online.

We're looking forward to seeing you soon.

Your Dental Family at Advance Dental